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3 reasons using an email marketing service is better for your business than using BitReveal’s email servers

Email marketing (building a list of email subscribers and sending them personalized offers) is one of the best ways to build a wildly successful online business.

And while you can easily set up your own business email accounts through BitReveal’s hosting service, you’ll enjoy much more success by using a popular email marketing service (like MailChimp, SendGrid, and others) for sending regular emails to your list.

Here’s why.

More people will sign up to get your emails

People are careful about giving up their email addresses. And they should be. Email marketing services like Mailchimp, SendGrid, and others are well established companies trusted by online shoppers.

When a visitor to your website sees that you use one of these reputable email services to send your emails, they’ll be more likely to give you their email address. Because they know their information is protected and they won’t receive spam.

More people will read your emails

Getting someone’s email address is worthless unless they read your emails.

Popular email services used by your customers (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) are almost too good at automatically detecting and removing spam before people ever know it’s been sent to them.

Established email marketing services use best practice methods to make sure your emails reach your customers’ inboxes, not their spam folders.

You can build a much bigger subscriber list

You want to be able to send lots of emails to lots of people to make lots of sales.

Most email marketing services allow you to instantly send thousands of emails to thousands of people.

Unfortunately, BitReveal’s email server is limited to 100 emails per hour for each of your domains. This makes it difficult and time consuming for you to send emails to your subscribers, especially if you’ve got a large list.

Interested in trying out an email marketing service for free?

Here are a few reputable services that we recommend. Most will allow you to send a few thousand emails for free, and have reasonably priced paid plans if you need to send more.