Exclusive Hosting Offer For InDigitalWorks members

Please read this carefully to better understand an incredible offer you're getting here if you decide to upgrade your InDigitalWorks account to Gold Lifetime.

As an InDigitalWorks Lifetime member you will be getting 10GB of hosting space for entire year. With regular hosting price of $29 per month, that's $348 value!

Unlike 99% of hosting companies we only charge the space which you have used. What this means is that you are getting 10GB of space for 12 months.

  • If you use all 10GB of space for your data - your hosting will last 12 months.
  • If you use only 5GB (out of 10) - your hosting will last for 24 months.
  • If you use only 1GB out of 10 - your hosting will last for 120 months (that's 10 years of free hosting!)

We only charge you for the actual space used!

In worse case - if you use all 10GB's of hosting space - your account will last 12 months before you need to pay anything. You're probably wondering what happens after that time? How much would you have to pay then?

On our website there are 2 prices, regular prices as features on our homepage and special prices for InDigitalWorks members.

If you decide to keep your account, you will be billed hourly. And this is great for you, as you will be billed only for actual space used.  The price is the following:

You will be billed $0.60 per 1GB of data per month. This means that 10GB of hosting space will cost only $7.20 per month.

And if 10GB of space is not sufficient, you can raise it to any amount for $0.60 per 1GB.

So 15 GB of space used will cost you only $9 per month ($0.60 x 15)!

This is a special offer for InDigitalWorks members

Prices for regular users featured on our homepage are significantly higher than the prices for InDigitalWorks members. The prices featured on this page are valid to you as InDigitalWorks member.

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