Can I have a unique IP for my website?

Unique IP's are mainly used for SSL's.

If you want to have a secure website with SSL, then you should use unique IP - there's really no any reason to use unique IP other than that...

Having your own IP address will not affect your Google ratings in the slightest and of course, it will have absolutely no impact on your website speed (or any other functional aspects).

The Cost: It’s possible to get your own unique IP address for just $1 per month.

A Common Question: What does "you will receive a clean, whitelisted IP" mean? Essentially - it means that it’s safe.

Be sure to do your Research!

Make sure that you’re cautious when you put your website on unknown IP address.

In the past, IP addresses could be used by hackers or spammers and therefore, would end up being blacklisted by Google (and other search engines).

Just be aware that some IP's can harm your website in a variety of ways, whether from generating lower Google ratings, to getting a total or partial exclusion from search engine results. Additionally, you may not be able to send emails until your IP issue is resolved and classified as ‘whitelisted’, once again - and this process can unfortunately take a significant amount of time.