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Administration Explained


cPanel: the first step to understanding WHM

cPanel is simply a tool that allows you to manage your website’s hosting account. Your cPanel is the “behind the scenes” area of your website where you can upload files, send emails, add/edit MySQL databases, and install scripts and plugins to your site (WordPress, Joomla, etc.).

Most website hosting services give you basic access to a cPanel area so you can manage the backend parts of your website.


WHM: complete control over multiple cPanel accounts in one place

When you create a web hosting service of your own (like you can with BitReveal), you need a way to manage all of your clients’ hosting accounts.

This is where WHM (Web Host Manager) comes in. WHM functions similarly to cPanel, but unlike only managing a domain, WHM gives you “master administration” access to manage other cPanel accounts.

With WHM, you can create and delete client cPanel accounts, allocate server space and bandwidth, create email accounts and databases, and more.

Whm cPanel Explained
Brandable Private Label cPanel

Create your own hosting brand through your WHM area

If you’re creating your own web hosting brand using BitReveal’s servers, you can rebrand WHM with your own logo and company name.

This means that all cPanel accounts you create for your own hosting clients will reflect your brand and company name.

Even though you’re using BitReveal’s server space to host your clients, they will only ever see your branding and company name, not ours.

WHM Training Videos

Confused yet? That’s ok, because we’ve created a series of beginner-friendly video tutorials that will guide you step-by-step through how to use your WHM admin area. Even if you have zero experience.

Here are a few examples of what you’ll learn:

doneHow to register and access your WHM area

doneHow to rebrand your WHM area

doneHow to create a hosting package for your clients

doneHow to create a cPanel hosting account

doneHow to edit cPanel hosting account